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European East Flexipass

This pass provides 5 to 10 days of unlimited rail travel to be used anytime over 1 month on the national railway networks of Austria, Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic. Eastern Europe has a dense rail system, but trains are a bit slower and frequencies a bit less than in Western Europe. A plus is that rail tickets are relatively inexpensive. But the European East Flexipass is still a good deal if doing one of the most common itineraries that we are asked about: Prague-Budapest-Vienna (see itinerary outline below). Seat reservations are an extra charge; they are not required for local and regional trains, but either strongly recommended or required for InterCity (IC) or EuroCity (EC) trains, especially at peak times.

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European East Flexipass Prices

Adult 1st Class
Adult 2nd Class
5 days within 1 month
Extra rail days (5 max.)

  Children under 12: half adult fare -- under 4: free.

Pass must be validated within 6 months of purchase. Prices are in U.S. dollars, and are subject to change due to fluctuations in the dollar to euro exchange rate.

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First Trip to Eastern Europe

This easy itinerary covers Prague, without a doubt one of Europe's most beautiful cities; Krakow, the medieval capital of Poland with one of Europe's best market squares; Budapest, the Hungarian capital straddling the Danube River; and Vienna, the grandiose, but elegant capital of the former powerful Hapsburg Empire. With very little alteration, this itinerary could easily include Berlin, Salzburg and/or Munich; for example, fly into Berlin, then continue onto Prague, Krakow, Budapest and Vienna, before continuing on to Munich via Salzburg to fly home.
Point-to-point rail tickets for this itinerary: Prague-Krakow $110 1st cl/$74 2nd cl; Krakow-Budapest $128 1st cl/$85 2nd cl; Budapest-Vienna $82 1st cl/$54 2nd cl; Vienna-Prague $116 1st cl/$77 2nd cl. The total cost is $436 1st cl/$290 2nd cl, making the European East Flexipass a good deal for this rail trip, plus you even have one extra day remaining to use for another trip.

Train Travel Time
Sightseeing in Prague
Train to Krakow
Day train: 8 hrs; also overnight sleeper train (arrives about 6am)
5, 6
Sightseeing; day trip to Auschwitz
1.5 hrs by train or bus
Train to Budapest
11 hrs on overnight sleeper train (arrives about 9:30am)
8, 9
Train to Vienna
3 hrs
11, 12
2 hrs
Day trip to Melk Abbey & Danube cruise
Train to Melk (1.25 hrs), boat to Krems (1.75 hrs), then return by train to Vienna (1.25 hrs).
Return to Prague
4.25 hrs

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Other Passes for Eastern Europe
Single country passes exist for Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, Slovenia, Croatia and Austria. Two-country passes exist for Austria & the Czech Republic; Austria & Switzerland; Austria & Hungary; Romania & Hungary; Germany & Austria; Czech Republic & Germany; Poland & Germany. Regional passes exist for Hungary, Slovenia & Croatia; Austria, Slovenia & Croatia; and the Balkans (Greece, Bulgaria, Turkey, Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia and Romania). Eurail Global Passes are valid in Hungary, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia and Romania, and Eurail Select Passes can be customized to include Austria, Hungary, Romania, Slovenia, Croatia, Bulgaria, Serbia and Montenegro. Call BETS for prices and details.
Have questions? Just call BETS!
Our rail experts will gladly help you find the perfect railpass for your itinerary.
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For Your Information
  • Starting or Ending Your Trip in Germany: Many people using the European East Flexipass either want to visit Germany or find it more convenient to fly into or out of Berlin, Frankfurt or Munich. In this case you will need an add-on rail ticket to get to the border of a European East Flexipass country or a Germany Flexipass. Listed here are a few of these rail fares.
    • Berlin-Polish Border (Frankfurt Oder): $45 1st cl; $30 2nd cl
    • Berlin-Czech Border (Schona): $106 1st cl; $67 2nd cl
    • Munich-Czech Border (Cheb): $159 1st cl; $100 2nd cl
    • Munich-Austrian Border (Salzburg): $67 1st cl; $44 2nd cl
    • Frankfurt Airport-Czech Border (Cheb): $168 1st cl; $106 2nd cl
  • Overnight Trains and the European East Flexipass: Much information states that the usual 7pm rule for overnight trains does not apply for this railpass. This is incorrect as the rule does apply; if you take any direct overnight train starting after 7pm, it counts as only one day on your flexipass. You enter only the next day's date (train's arrival date) on your pass, giving you up until midnight the next day to reach your final destination.

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